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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Hints for your Quickbooks Item List

Here are a few quick hints for creating your Item List in Quickbooks.

1) Be consistent.  Be sure to use the same type of spacing and spelling.  Quickbooks sorts using a very basic alphabetic system.  The number of spaces between words can affect the alpha order of your Item List as well as hyphens and other marks.  In other words, item HPP 626 will not appear alphabetically next to HPP - 627 which will not appear next to HPP-628.  Use the same alpha method for all your items.  Either use equal spaces and hyphens in all or none at all.  You can resort your item list by clicking on the title of the column you want to sort by: Name, Description, Type, Price, etc.  

To return the Quickbooks item list to it's default order, click on the item button in the lower left corner of the item screen and  chose Re-sort list.

2) If you have a large item list consider using headers.  Let's say you are an Air Conditioning parts company.  You may want to create a header for Filters, Belts, Tools, etc., then enter all corresponding parts under the appropriate header as a sub-item.  Here is an example.


Create Headers the same way you create items.  Use the same expense and income defaults for all sub-items under a header to keep your financial reporting consistent as well.  One thing you will want to do with the "Header" system is to be sure you don't record any transactions to the Header.  This can create quantity issues with Inventory Parts and complicate your reports.

If your item list in already in place you can edit a description or make it a sub-account of a header without affecting any prior recorded transactions.  Sort your list by Name to find and items that are not consistent with the rest of your alphabetic method.  Highlight the item you need to correct and click the "Item" button in the  corner of the Item screen and chose "Edit Item".  

If you have a large item list, you can use the "Look For" feature in the upper left corner of the item list screen to search by keyword for a specific item in your list.   This feature is not available on some older versions of Quickbooks.  If you carry a large inventory but don't have this feature in your version, it is probable worth updating your Quickbooks.

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This material is for informational purposes only and not intended and financial, legal or tax advice. Please consult your finance, legal or tax professional to confirm the accuracy of all information. Quickbooks is a registered product of Intuit.

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